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Güe Handmade Jewelry

Hi!!! We are Gabriela and Tomas Vilaboa, and we make Güe Handmade Jewelry because we love working with freedom, creativity, and constant challenges. 

Ga:I have been studying visual arts and jewelry for many years, and I enjoy working with different materials like silver, copper, brass, wood, paper, pearls, among others.

To: I am a Software Engineer with entrepreneurial passion. I work especially with IT related stuff such as web design, social networks, eCommerce, etc.

Güe is a way to reinvent ourselves since it began many years ago in Buenos Aires, and it has had different expressions throughout these years. Now, it is growing between Buenos Aires, Houston and Vancouver (Canada), and we are very excited to share our pieces with people all around the world.
Our designs are simple, modern, and feminine, and they are created playing with simple materials and combining techniques of jewelry, but above all, they are made with love and care, looking for the best quality.

This season, we are launching a brand new collection in which colors, geometric shapes, and brass are the key components. This new line emerges from the need of balancing mom's life with regards to the timing and chemical products we used that are not safe during pregnancy and lactation period. Sometimes, obstacles are an engine for creativity and we celebrate it!!

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